Nomad Squidtrex Vibe 220

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The Nomad Squidtrex Vibe 220 is a versatile and innovative fishing lure. Utilizing patented technology, this soft vibrating lure features a squid-shaped body and unique action that is sure to trigger bites. Crafted with soft TPE and heavy-duty through-wire construction, it is equipped with heavy-gauge hooks for maximum strength and durability. Perfect for vertical jigging, casting, and trolling, the Squidtrex Vibe 220 is a must-have for your fishing arsenal.



  • Length: 220mm
  • Weight: 600 grams
  • Depth: Up to 350 metres
  • Action: Sinking / Max Vibration
  • Hooks: Single Assist X5 BKK 7/0
  • Uses: Vertical Jigging / Trolling

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