Vexed Bottom Meat

Size: 80g
Sale price$15.99


Vexed Bottom Meat

Introducing the first hybrid jig / bait system, The Vexed Bottom Meat. This is the first of its kind designed for bait fishers who are wanting to transition into the world of artificial.

The Bottom Meat has been designed to descend big baits to the sea floor with a high intensity glowing Vexed Dhu Bomb Head giving more appeal than the conventional sinker rig.

The jig / bait system is rigged with Harbor Triple Murder Assist which will wrap around any fish that dares to take it. The head is also equipped with the under the chin assist point giving you the option of attaching a Flashy Assist Hook to make your bait even more attractive to any demersal predator.

Bait options to use:

  • Octopus Leg
  • Squid
  • Large Fish Strip Baits
  • Whole Fish Baits

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