Yamashita EGI OH F Squid Jig

Size: 3.5
Sale price$14.99


The Yamashita EGI OH F Squid Jig is the ideal choice for beginners, featuring a full glow body and a transparent, tape-free design on every colour. With options like La-me and Natural cloth for a unique shine and texture, this entry level model brings both versatility and quality to your squid jigging experience.



  • Glow Body - every colour has a full glow body.
  • Transparent Body - every colour has a transparent body with no tape (foil).  The black colour is painted.
  • La-me cloth - a shiny pearlescent cloth is used on colours F001 to F016
  • Natural cloth - a smooth and silky cloth is used on colours F017 to F022



  • Size 3.5
  • Weight: 20 grams
  • Sink Speed 3.0 sec/m


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