Abu Garcia Veritas 4.0 Rod

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Size: VRT4-C 601H 5-10KG
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Abu Garcia Veritas 4.0 Rod

Have it all with the new Aby Garcia Veritas 4.0 Rod, designed to be not only affordable, but sensitive enough to feel the faintest hit and strong enough to handle bashing through the bush to a remote waterway. Despite the deceptively airy feel, the new Veritas is robust, responsive and comfortable to fish with from dawn to dusk. The iconic white rod puts more expensive gear to shame with its downright ruthless performance.



  • 30 ton sub layer armour blanks
  • Fuji stainless steel KR series guides with Alconite inserts
  • Contoured white EVA grips
  • Crisp robust actions for performance and durability

Specifications - Spin Models

Model Type Action Line Rating Cast Weight Length Pieces
VRT4-S662UL  Spin U/Light 1-3kg 2-8g 6'6" 2
VRT4-S722UL  Spin U/Light 1-3kg 2-8g 7'2" 2
VRT4-S782UL  Spin U/Light 1-3kg 2-15g 7'8" 2
VRT4-S541L  Spin Light 2-4kg 2-10g 5'4" 1
VRT4-S701L  Spin Light 2-4kg 2-10g 7' 1
VRT4-S702L  Spin Light 2-4kg 2-20g 7' 2
VRT4-S692L  Spin Light 2-5kg 6-25g 6'9" 2
VRT4-S782UL EGI Spin U/Light PE 0.4-1.0 EGI MAX #4.0 7'8" 2
VRT4-S742ML Spin Med Light 3-5kg 9-28g 7'4" 2
VRT4-S631ML Spin Med Light 3-6kg 9-38g 6'3" 1
VRT4-S682ML Spin Med Light 3-7kg 8-35g 6'8" 2
VRT4-S681M Spin Medium 4-8kg 10-48g 6'8" 1
VRT4-S702M Spin Medium 4-8kg 10-48g 7' 2
VRT4-S762M Spin Medium 4-8kg 10-48g 7'6" 2
VRT4-S701MH Spin Med Heavy 5-9kg 9-48g 7' 1
VRT4-S601H Spin Heavy 6-10kg 12-68g 6' 1
VRT4-S721H Spin Heavy 6-10kg 7-45g 7'2" 1
VRT4-S732H  Spin Heavy 6-10kg 7-45g 7'3" 2
VRT4-S932H Spin Heavy 6-10kg 20-68g 9'3"" 2
VRT4-S701XH Spin Extra Heavy 8-15kg 18-85g 7' 1
VRT4-SF1002H Spin Heavy 10-15kg 30-120g 10' 2
VRT4-SF1203MH Spin Med Heavy 12-20kg 40-200g 12' 3



Specifications - Overhead Models

Model Type Action Line Rating Cast Weight Length Pieces
VRT4-C 621ML Cast Med Light 3-6kg 8-35g 6'2" 1
VRT4-C 591M Cast Medium 4-7kg 6-45g 5'9" 1
VRT4-C 701M Cast Medium 4-8kg 7-18g 7' 1
VRT4-C 601H Cast Heavy 5-10kg 8-58g 6' 1
VRT4-C 702MH Cast Med Heavy 6-10kg 7-28g 7' 2
VRT4-C 791XH  Cast Extra Heavy 10-25kg 28-120g 7'9" 1



Specifications - Travel Rods

Model Type Action Line Rating Cast Weight Length Pieces
VRT4TRL-S703UL  Spin U/Light 1-4kg 2-8g 7' 3
VRT4TRL-S703M  Spin Medium 3-6kg 10-55g 7' 3
VRT4TRL-S703H  Spin Heavy 6-10kg 7-45g 7' 3
VRT4TRL-S903H  Spin Heavy 6-10kg 20-68g 9' 3
VRT4TRL-S763H Spin Heavy 8-15kg 15-60g 7'6" 3

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