BKK Inline Diablo 5X Hooks

Size: 2/0
Sale price$15.99


BKK Inline Diablo 5X Hooks

BKK’s latest technologies have been put together to give birth to this hook, equipped with top-notch penetration performance, long lasting saltwater corrosion resistance and an excellent strength of the hook structure.

The innovative BKK Hand-Ground hook point provides cutting edge sharpness and penetration performance, while the Ultra-Antirust coating technology minimizes the possibility of rusting and the peculiar hook shape maintains the grip throughout the fight.

Last but not least, the combination of Micro and Slim Ring results in a slim profile without affecting the strength of the hook.

Available in the following sizes (quantity):

Size Quantity Strength
2/0 6 55lb
3/0 6 66lb
4/0 5 88lb
5/0 4 137lb

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