Buku Cast Series Reefer Leader

Size: 20lb
Sale price$22.99


Buku Cast Series Reefer Leader

Cast in collaboration with Buku have made a leader with specially formulated nylon that has high abrasion resistance and great knot strength. This is achieved with a hard inner core and a micro coating of softer nylon that allows the knots to bind preventing slippage. Tying reef knots and droppers in your Paternoster rigs with this line has never been easier.



LB KG Length   Diameter
20lb 9.0kg 100m 0.40mm
40lb 18.2kg 100m 0.60mm
60lb 27.2kg 100m 0.70mm
80lb 36.3kg 75m 0.80mm
100lb 45.4kg 50m 0.90mm
120lb 54.5kg 50m 1.00mm
150lb 68kg 40m 1.28mm
200lb 90kg 40m 1.48mm

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