Buku Cast X12 Casting Braid

Size: PE1.5 x 300m
Sale price$89.99


Buku Cast X12 Casting Braid

Cast in collaboration with Buku have introduced a 100% PE braided line built for pro anglers pushing the boundaries and gear to the limits. Buku Cast X12 Casting Braid is far superior to X8 braids. It has a higher suppleness and smoother surface allowing for longer, trouble free casting and maximum performance. The extreme smoothness of this line has been achieved through an extra process called High Stich (HS) during manufacturing that shrinks and tightens the line. Additionally the line has been Teflon coated which prevents wear, maintaining a smoother line with less friction that casts further and last longer. It prevents water soaking to keep the line at its maximum performance level for longer. 


PE LB  KG Length
1.5 20lb 9.0kg 300m
2 30lb 13.6kg 300m
3 50lb 22.7kg 300m
4 65lb 29.5kg 300m
6 80lb 36.3kg 400m

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