Buku Snapbait Hybrid Jig

Size: 205g
Sale price$22.99


Buku Snapbait Hybrid Jig

A collaboration between Buku and Snapbait has seen the introduction of the Hybrid Jig. This jig / bait system with custom made jig head enables the jig to drop nose first but offer greater hydrodynamics on the retrieve. Both the jig head and skirt offer a super bright glow which acts as a fish attractant along with the scent of the bait. It can be charged with a high quality UV torch or use the natural light.   



Weight Up to 80g 110g to 155g 205g & Over
Circle 1 x 6/0 1 x 6/0 1 x 11/0
Beak 1 x 6/0 2 x 6/0 2 x 9/0
Split Ring #8 #8 #9
Solid Ring #6 #6 #8
Assist Cord 200lb 200lb 300lb
Skirt Size 5.5" 5.5" 6.5" - 7.0"


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