Coleman Deluxe Gazebo Wall Kit Mesh 3m x 4.5m

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Coleman Deluxe Gazebo Wall Kit Mesh 3m x 4.5m

Enjoy the fresh air while keeping creepy crawlies at bay with a Mesh Wall for your Coleman Deluxe Gazebo. Made to suit the Coleman Deluxe Gazebo 4.5 x 3, the Mesh Wall has heavy duty, no-gap velcro attachments and multiple peg points for a secure fit. Also featuring centre zip access, and zippers down each side to securely attach multiple walls, the Coleman Deluxe Gazebo Mesh Wall turns your Gazebo into a ventilated yet secure room for outdoor occasions.

• Centre zip access
• Secure velcro attachment
• Side zips to attach multiple walls
• 2 x 4.5m walls and 2 x 3m walls required to enclose a 4.5 x 3 Gazebo
• Carry bag for each mesh wall included


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