Companion Aquacube Shower Stand

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Companion Aquacube Shower Stand

The Aquacube® Outdoor Shower Stand is ideal for the campsite, beach house or your next outdoor adventure. Compact, lightweight and easy to assemble, it is designed for use with Aquacube® Digital and Logic models. It can also be used with other portable water pumps and connects directly to a standard garden hose.

Companion Aquacube Shower Stand - Features:

  • Adjustable shower head
  • Inline water flow control
  • Quick connect fitting for attachment to Aquacube®
  • Camp Shower
  • Easy to operate and set up
  • Height adjustable
  • Compact and lightweight

Companion Aquacube Shower Stand - Specs

  • Full Height Assembly: 230cm
  • Weight: 1kg


  • Shower head
  • Flow Control
  • Quick Connect Fitting

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