Daiwa 20 BG MQ Spin Reel

Size: 5000D-H
Sale price$329.00


Daiwa 20 BG MQ Spin Reel

The Monocoque (MQ) Body is the single biggest revolution in spinning reel design by Daiwa and it has now been introduced to the BG series with the release of the Daiwa BG MQ Spin Reel. The MQ technology is a one piece frame, eliminating the side plate construction. This creates more internal space allowing for larger sized drive gears giving more power, durability and torque. The BG MQ is an affordable quality heavy duty spin reel. 



  • Monocoque (MQ) Body
  • ABS Longcast
  • Air Rotor
  • ATD Drag
  • Infinite Anti Reverse
  • Metal Alloy Body



Model Bearings Drag  Gear Ratio Spool Cap Weight
2500D-H 6BB / 1RB 10kg 5.7 PE1.2 / 300m 235g
3000D-XH 6BB / 1RB 10kg 6.2 PE1.5 / 300m 265g
4000D-XH 6BB / 1RB 12kg 6.2 PE2 / 300m 286g
5000D-H 6BB / 1RB 12kg 5.7 PE2.5 / 300m 433g
6000D-H 6BB / 1RB 12kg 5.7 PE3 / 300m 430g
8000-H 6BB / 1RB 15kg 5.7 PE4 / 300m 635g
10000-H 6BB / 1RB 15kg 5.7 PE5 / 300m 646g
14000-H 6BB / 1RB 20kg 5.7 PE6 / 300m 640g

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