Daiwa 20 TD Saltwater Rod

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Size: S56-3/5
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Daiwa 20 TD Saltwater Rod

Daiwa have developed the TD Saltwater Rod targeting the heavy-tackle saltwater fishing market with this high-quality and affordable range of rods.

The TD Saltwater features Daiwa’s BRAIDING-X graphite technology, a graphite tape  applied to the butt section of the blank. Wrapping in this style adds a level of stiffness and rigidity to the overall blank construction without the added weight and diameter of a whole extra layer of the HSD graphite cloth. BRAIDING-X is used for the bottom half of the blank’s construction, delivering improved lifting power and ultimately higher strength.

TD Saltwater’s actions feature jigging and boat-fishing specific models, actions for fishing lures and soft plastics on reefs and new actions specially designed for the growth in TaiRubber fishing, using lures like Daiwa's to chase Snapper and other bottom-dwelling reef species.


  • Braiding X HSD Graphite Blank
  • Heavy Duty SW Series with jigging and boat specific models
  • Fuji Stainless Steel frame AO Guides
  • EVA Grips



Model Type Length Piece Taper Cast Weight Line Rating
20TDSWS56-3/5 Spin 5'6"/168cm 1 Reg 90-180g PE 3-5
20TDSWS56-5/8 Spin 5'6"/168cm 1 Reg 150-300g PE 5-8
20TDSWS60-4/6 Spin 6’0”/183cm 1 Reg 120-300g PE 4-6
20TDSWS62-2/3 Spin 6'2"/188cm 1 Reg 30-120g PE 2-3
20TDSWS64-2/4 Spin 6'4"/193cm 1 Reg 60-120g PE 2-4
20TDSWSJ66-1.5 Spin 6'6"/198cm 1 Reg 40-120g PE 0.8-1.5
20TDSWSJ66-3 Spin 6'6"/198cm 1 Reg 90-180g PE 1-3
20TDSWBJ66-1.5 O/H 6'6"/198cm 1 Reg 40-120g PE 0.8-1.5
20TDSWBJ66-3 O/H 6'6"/198cm 1 Reg 90-180g PE 1-3
20TDSWS71-1 Spin 7'1"/216cm 2 Fast 7-21g PE 1
20TDSWS71-2 Spin 7'1"/216cm 2 Fast 10-28g PE 2
20TDSWS71-3 Spin 7'1"/216cm 2 Fast 14-50g PE 3
20TDSWS71-4 Spin 7'1"/216cm 2 Fast 21-60g PE 4
20TDSWS80-3 Spin 8'0"/244cm 2 Fast 14-50g PE 3

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