Daiwa 21 Certate SW Spin Reel

Size: 18000-H
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Daiwa 21 Certate SW Spin Reel

The 21 Certate SW from Daiwa has been redesigned and redeveloped combining the best parts of the 19 Certate LT and 20 Saltiga to produce one of the most exciting reel releases in years.

The 21 Certate SW is replacing the Catalina and shares it’s Monocoque (MQ) body with the 20 Saltiga. The single-piece body removes the requirement of a traditional side plate and screw system, replacing that with an engine plate that houses the incredibly large G1 Duralumin drive gear, also shared with the 20 Saltiga. This body & gear combination was what put 20 Saltiga on the map and is sure to set Certate SW right at the top of the tree when it comes to strength and power.

Equipped with Daiwa’s Zaion rotor design, Certate SW is lightweight and strong. Zaion’s lightweight construction makes the rotation of Certate SW incredibly light & responsive and also delivers an end result of up to 40 grams of weight saving when compared to 20 SALTIGA. Also features Magseal line roller and Magseal body, which combined with the MQ construction makes the Certate SW  supremely well sealed to the elements, giving anglers the confidence that Certate SW will not let them down.

The Certate SW’s multi-layer carbon drag delivers ten times increased drag durability compared to 16 Catalina. The new washer design combined with the aluminium radiation drag knob increases heat dissipation improving drag performance under heavy load.

High-speed models come equipped with a soft-touch hi-grip egg-shaped knob which delivers grip and comfort for the sweeping motions of working a surface lure. Slow speed models have an EVA Power Round Knob suitable for the up & down working of vertical jigs.



  • Monocoque Body - One Piece Body
  • G1 Duraliumin Drive Gear
  • ABS Long Cast
  • Air Bail
  • Air Rotor
  • CRBB - Corrosion Resitant Ball Bearings
  • Infinite Anti Reverse
  • Magsealed Body
  • Magsealed Line Roller
  • Silent Oscillation
  • Twist Buster II
  • High Durability Painting



5000-XH 6.2:1 10BB + 1RB 15kg P2.5 x 300m 385g
6000-H 5.7:1 10BB + 1RB 15kg PE3 x 300m 375g
8000-P 4.8:1 8BB + 1RB 25kg PE4 x 300m 627g
8000-H 5.8:1 8BB + 1RB 25kg PE4 x 300m 627g
10000-P 4.8:1 8BB + 1RB 25kg PE5 x 300m 630g
10000-H 5.8:1 8BB + 1RB 25kg PE5 x 300m 630g
14000-XH 6.2:1 8BB + 1RB 25kg PE6 x 300m 635g
18000-H 5.8:1 8BB + 1RB 30kg PE8 x 300m 850g

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