Daiwa 21 Freams LT Spin Reel

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Daiwa 21 Freams LT Spin Reel

The new 21 Freams LT from Daiwa is the first reel to feature brand new Zaion V construction. Zaion V is an evolution of Daiwa’s famous Zaion technology and enables the use of this material in reels much lower in price than ever before. Zaion V is significantly stronger than the previous Carbon Light material seen in the 18 Freams LT and will deliver a much more rigid body. Zaion V is also much lighter than traditional composite materials which means the new Freams LT is not only stronger, but also much lighter. Also features Tough Digigear design and LT concept combining to produce a lightweight but powerful reel. Daiwa’s ATD Drag produces smooth & consistent drag performance and the LC ABS spool & Airbail architecture means longer casts and less line trouble.



  • ABS Long Cast
  • Air Bail
  • Air Rotor
  • ATD - Automatic Tournament Drag
  • CRBB - Corrosion Resistant Ball Bearings
  • Finesse Drag
  • Mag Sealed Body
  • Tough Digigear - Larger Diameter, Bigger Teeth
  • Zaion V Body - Woven High Density Carbon Resin



2000S 5.2:1 5BB+1RB 5kg PE0.4 x 200m 3lb x 150m 185g
2500 5.3:1 5BB+1RB 10kg PE0.8 x 200m 6lb x 150m 200g
3000 5.2:1 5BB+1RB 10kg PE1 x 200m 8lb x 150m 225g
4000-C 5.2:1 5BB+1RB 10kg PE1.5 x 200m 12lb x 150m 235g
5000-CXH 6.2:1 5BB+1RB 12kg PE2 x 300m 20lb x 150m 255g
6000D-H 5.7:1 5BB+1RB 12kg PE3 x 300m 30lb x 150m 325g

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