Daiwa 22 Tanacom 1200 Reel

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Daiwa 22 Tanacom 1200 Reel

The new release from Daiwa, the Tanacom 1200 has been a project half a decade in the making between engineers in Japan, Australia and United States. The Tanacom 1200 has a totally new look with the same motor used in the Tanacom 1000 now housed inside the spool, increasing the efficiency of the powerful motor. The motor generates more power due to an improved drivetrain which has been re-engineered with beefier gears and internal components to improve durability and reduce power loss. 

In addition to increased power is more speed. The faster retrieve speed allows the angler to reposition or check baits more quickly. The new design also provides increased line capacity now PE/1000m. 

The menu system has also been redesigned to offer an easier user experience for first time users and long time Daiwa dendoh anglers. The DOT monitor LCD screen has been improved with a brighter display and better viewing angles whilst wearing polarised sunglasses. 

The Tanacom has set the benchmark for value and quality in electric reels and the Tanacom 1200 is about to take that to another level. 



  • DOT LCD Display - to enable clear view from a range of angles and light conditions
  • Aluminium Body - lightweight and incredibly strong without corrosion issues
  • Line Counter - know exactly how much line you have out
  • Metal Ball Knob - designed for optimal balance, rotation and functionality
  • Power Lever - allows you to go from stop to start to full power with flick of switch



Model Bearings Drag Gear Spool Cap Weight
 Tanacom 1200 11 25kg 2.1 PE8/1000m 2040g

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