Daiwa BaitJunkie 2.5 Inch Minnow

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Daiwa BaitJunkie 2.5 Inch Minnow

Bait Junkie has been designed and developed for anglers around the world. By combining the perfect combination of local knowledge and exclusive technology. Daiwa has been able to produce a truly advanced soft plastic material and innovative profiles. During the development, testing was conducted in Australia, where this technique is popular. Crafted through decades of research and design experience from Japan, and top angling experience from some of Australia's elite anglers.

The 2.5 inch minnow features Bait Junkies slim waist design system, a go to for anglers chasing  bream, flathead and more. The Elastamax construction allows the tail to move freely due to the body being segmented in 2 parts. The soft nature of Elastomax also means the 2.5 inch Minnow is capable of fishing on very light jigheads, still maintaining an enticing swimming action whilst sinking even when rigged on lightweight heads around 1/16oz.



  • Amino X - Natural flavour and scent
  • Elastomax - Incredible stretch and durability
  • Floating Material



  • Length: 2.5 Inches (62mm)
  • Type: Minnow
  • Jighead Size: 4 to 1/0
  • Pack Quantity: 8 pieces


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