Daiwa Saltiga SD Overhead Reel

Size: 40HA
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Daiwa Saltiga SD Overhead Reel

The Saltiga SD series is a tough and narrow overhead reel designed to handle the strength of today's super braids, providing a tremendous amount of fighting power for such a compact reel.

Overheads can be difficult to jig with but with Saltiga’s narrow design makes it a lot easier. Traditionally jigging with threadlines is easier because of the balance point below the rod but with the compact and narrow design of Saltiga overheads it keeps the axis point on the centre of the rod for easy balance, virtually eliminating side overbalance. With a narrow spool there is no need for a levelwind as line lies evenly even without having to manually lay the line letting, a real bonus when you are hooked up on a fish of a lifetime.

New to the Saltiga range is specific models like the 30HA and 40HA which are perfect for high speed long distance casting from the shore. Over run is controlled by Centriflex, this system only applies spool braking at top spool speed, where it is needed most. So there’s no friction from the brake blocks at the beginning or end of a cast to hamper casting performance. As you start your cast, brake blocks are retracted so there’s no braking friction. This lets the spool start faster and reach a higher speed. As spool approaches maximum speed, Centriflex levers automatically push brake blocks against the brake drum for the braking action needed to prevent overrun.

As spool begins to slow, brake blocks automatically retract. So the spool keeps spinning longer

The Saltiga overhead is the ultimate deepwater and high speed casting reel, built to take the rigors of extreme saltwater use.

The Saltiga overhead is the ultimate deepwater and high speed casting reel, built to take the rigors of extreme saltwater use.

Daiwa Saltiga SD Overhead Reel - Features

  • 5 Year Warranty
  • Machined aluminium frame and side plates
  • Machined aluminium spool
  • Large diameter Digigear drive
  • Massive gears helical cut for optimal power and smoother cranking
  • Offset power handle with soft touch grip
  • ATD
  • CRBB – Corrosion Resistant Ball Bearings
  • Centriflex

Daiwa Saltiga SD Overhead Reel - Specs

Model Gear Ratio #Ball Bearings Wt. (g) Drag (kg) Spool Capacity
20HA 6.4:1 (100cm) 8 + 1 465 gm 8 kg 5.4kg/370m, 6.3kg/320m
30HA 6.4:1 (100cm) 8 + 1 475 gm 8 kg 6.3kg/450m, 9.1 kg/270m
35HA 6.4:1 (121cm) 8 + 1 600 gm 12 kg 9.1kg/275m, 11.4kg/220m
40HA 6.4:1 (121cm) 8 + 1 620 gm 12 kg 11.4kg/365m, 13.6kg/245m
50HA 6.4:1 (121cm) 8 + 1 635 gm 12 kg 13.6kg/320m, 18kg/200m

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