Daiwa 20 Saltist Hyper Rod

Size: S53-3/4
Sale price$299.00


Daiwa Saltist Hyper V2 Rod



Model Type Section Length Taper Cast Weight Line Rating
S53-3/4 Spin 1 161cm Regular Max 200g PE3-4
S53-5/6 Spin 1 161cm Regular Max 300g PE5-6
B53-3/4 Overhead 1 161cm Regular Max 200g PE3-4
S64-2/4 Spin 2 193cm Regular 60-120g PE2-4
S702-3/4 Spin 2 213cm Regular 60-120g PE3-4
S962-4/6 Spin 2 290cm Regular 60-150g PE4-6
S902-2/4 Spin 2 274cm Regular 20-90g PE2-4
S56-2/3 Spin 1 168cm Regular 80-180g PE2-3
S63-4/5 Spin 1 191cm Regular 200-300g PE4-5

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