Dog Tooth Fluidcast X8 Braid 2000m

Size: 20lb
Sale price$299.00


The Dog Tooth Fluidcast X8 Braid 2000m is an 8 carrier braid that utilizes the HS manufacturing process for tighter and closer stitches, plus a Teflon coating for superior casting performance. This super resistant braided line offers outstanding abrasion protection and is perfect for anglers in search of a versatile, reliable braid.


 LB KG PE Diameter Length
20lb 9.1kg 1.5 0.22mm 2000m
30lb 13.6kg 2.0 0.25mm 2000m
50lb 22.7kg 3.5 0.32mm 2000m
65lb 29.5kg 4.0 0.35mm 2000m
80lb 36.3kg 6.0 0.43mm 2000m


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