Halco Slidog 125

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The new Slidog 125 is the little pup to the Slidog 150. Featuring the same versatile action, the Slidog 125 has a compact body profile suitable for shallow and mid water situations. Whether being launched into bait schools to entice pelagics or twitched amongst shallow bombies in the north to belting out into salmon schools in the south, the Slidog 125 will be a favourite amongst anglers.

Featuring Mustad 1/0 Trebles and 4XX Fish Rings, the Slidog 125 is equipped to fight well above its weight class. The lure is 125mm long and weighs a whopping 52 grams, allowing epic castability with a medium cast outfit, inevitably covering more ground and finding more fish.



  • Length: 125mm
  • Weight: 52 grams
  • Hooks: Mustad Size 1/0 Trebles
  • Application: Casting
  • Buoyancy: Fast Sinking

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