Ikipik Fish Spike

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Ikipik Fish Spike

The Ikipik is highly visible, safe, easy to use iki jime device enabling you to penetrate easily through the fish to ensure a quick end to your catch ensuring you better, longer lasting fillets for you and your family.

The term "Iki jime" is a Japanese term for the method of paralyzing the fish to maintain the quality of its meat. This traditionally involves a spike to the brain usually just above the eye. An incision is then made at the back of the head before a thin metal rod is inserted down the spine killing all nerve endings thus stopping the release of lactic acid which breaks down the flesh leaving it sour, soggy and less tasteful.

Another important reason is treating your catch humanely. When placed in a bucket or catch tank even with the neck cut the fish die a very slow agonising death. As fisherman we all try to do the right thing and treating our catch with respect should be a priority too. The iki jime method is actually endorsed by Australia’s National Code of Practice for Recreational and Sport Fishing.


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