Instinct Rod Bells Single 2 pack

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Instinct Rod Bells Single 2 pack

Instinct Fishing Rod Bells are the fishing accessory that allow you to sit back and wait for the big one to bite without needing to stay on top of your rod all the time.

With Instinct Bells at the end of your rod, you will be alerted to the faintest of bites. You don’t need to keep concentrating on your rod to see if there is movement, you can hear it instead.

These Bells are especially useful for beginners and young fishos who might not be able to detect a take by touch, allowing them an easier way to get their prey. For seasoned pros, these bells are all about convenience. The convenience to relax while a fish bites, the convenience to only reach for their rods when they know they have dinner waiting at the end of the line.


  • Easily attachable to any rod
  • Durable

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