Jarvis Walker Heavy Duty Surf Rig

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Jarvis Walker Heavy Duty Surf Rig

Rig your lines quick and easy with the Jarvis Walker Ultimate Edition Gold Rigs. These application-specific rigs have been exclusively designed for anglers in Western Australia. Utilising great quality terminal tackle, these versatile rigs will help you fish more efficiently and improve your catch.

Jarvis Walker Gold Heavy Duty Surf rigs are exactly that, heavy duty, featuring three linked 6/0 tarpon hooks on a running set up that allows the angler to present a bug bait to large predatory fish. Ideal for chasing mulloway in the surf, but also suited for any general fishing where large fish could be encountered.

  • Ganged 6/0 Tarpon Hooks
  • Quality Crane Swivels
  • Premium Rovex 100lb Leader

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