Nomad DTX Minnow 165mm Sinking

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Nomad DTX Minnow 165mm Sinking

The DTX Minnow is a revolution in trolling minnows, featuring nomad Autotune, Hydrospeed, Diamond Armour and Gorilla Through Wire advanced design technology. The DTX 165 minnows are rigged with 7/0 inline single hooks and will reach maximum depth of 30 feet with a trolling speed of 4.5 to 8 knots.  They will troll at a maximum speed of 12 knots. Ideal for Tuna, dogtooth, wahoo, mackerel, mahi mahi and every other predatory fish in the ocean, The DTX minnow is your first choice in bluewater trolling lures.


  • Autotune - guarantees straight tracking and deep diving
  • Hydrospeed belly eyelet allows faster trolling speeds with single hooks
  • Super strong Through Wire System to handle the biggest fish
  • Fitted with BKK 5X Strong 7/0 Inline Singles



  • Lure Type: Bibbed Minnow Sinking
  • Depth: Dives to 9m / 30ft
  • Length: 165mm
  • Weight: 91 grams

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