Oceanpro Oberon Mask and Snorkel Set

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Oceanpro Oberon Mask and Snorkel Set

The Oberon Mask and Snorkel set from Oceanpro features a frameless designed mask made with quality coloured soft silicone which seals well on the majority of face types. The Oberon snorkel features a splash guard top to minimise water entry, a lower purge valve for ease of clearing and a replaceable silicone mouthpiece for improved comfort.

Available in 3 colours Teal, Blue and Black.



  • Quality Silicone mask that fits most face types
  • Low volume mask makes for simple clearing
  • Tempered Glass lens safety glass offers a great field of vision
  • Easy to adjust side buckles
  • Easy to clear Purge snorkel
  • Upper Splash guard on snorkel to minimise water entry in surface chop
  • Replaceable silicone mouthpiece
  • Easy to attach snorkel keeper

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