Owner 5134 Jobu Big Game Hooks

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Size: 9/0
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Owner Jobu Big Game Hooks

Ideal for trolling and cubing, Owner Jobu Big Game hooks are built to tackle the biggest meanest fish in any ocean. Big game trolling enthusiasts will find these hooks ideal for custom rigging large baits and skirted lures. Those targeting huge tuna can rig them with big chunk baits. Features include an extra-heavy, XXX-strong forged shank, a deep throat bend, Cutting Point® and anti-corrosion black chrome finish.

Owner Jobu Big Game is available in the following sizes (quantity):

Pocket Packs

  • 7/0 (5)
  • 8/0 (4)
  • 9/0 (3)
  • 10/0 (2)
  • 11/0 (2)
  • 12/0 (2)

Model No. 5134 Pocket Packs

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