Plano 6101 Aussie 300pce Tackle Box

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Plano 6101 Aussie 300 Piece Tackle Box

The Plano 6101 Aussie 300 Piece Tackle Box is a one tray tackle box complete with 300 pieces of terminal tackle. Tackle box is manufactured in Australia. 

Includes the following:

  • Plastic Hook Remover
  • Plastic Fish Scaler
  • Octopus Hooks
  • Long Shank Hooks
  • Baitholder Hooks
  • Jigheads
  • Soft Curly Grubs
  • Barrel Swivels
  • Barrel Swivels with Clip
  • 4" Rigged Hand Caster with 10lb line 
  • Ball Sinkers
  • Red Beads
  • Split Shot Sinker
  • Wobbler Lure 7g

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