Shimano 19 Stradic FL Spin Reel

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Size: STC5000XGFL
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Shimano 19 Stradic FL Spin Reel

The latest evolution in the Stradic range brings anglers into the next generation of fishing. This evolution brings with it improved casting, smoother reeling and increased durability, The Stradic outperforms all of its predecessors. For the first time in the Stradic class, the reel now features Silent Drive, Micromodule Gear II and a Long Stroke Spool for better casting distance. Durability has been further improved with increased gear strength and X-Protect water resistance.

The Stradic FL will carry forward the majority of the Shimano technologies that have made the Stradic series what they are today. The Hagane Body, Hagane Gear, X-Ship and the G Free Body have all found their place in the new series. All of these technologies help to make the Stradic a strong, durable and uncompromising reel.



  • Hagane Gear - precision cold forging technology gives improved gear durability
  • Hagane Body - lightweight metal body that suppresses impact under supreme loads
  • Long Stroke Spool Design improves casting performance
  • G Free Body shifts the reels centre of gravity closer to rod reducing fatigue and enhance casting performance
  • Drag Washers - 1000 and 2500 models use felt drag washer system. 3000 and above use a higher grade 3 set cross carbon washer system with excellent wear resistance
  • AR-C Spool - lighter and improved line release



Model Mono Cap Braid Cap Gear Ratio Retrieve  Bearings Drag Weight
ST1000HGFL 1kg/250m 10lb/95m 5.1:1 64cm 6+1 3kg 195g
ST2500HGFL 3kg/180m 10lb/150m 6.0:1 89cm 6+1 9kg 225g
STC3000HGFL 4kg/150m 10lb/200m 6.1:1 94cm 6+1 9kg 225g
ST4000XGFL 6kg/160m 15lb/280m 6.2:1 95cm 6+1 11kg 260g
STC5000XGFL 6kg/200m 20lb/220m 6.2:1 101cm 6+1 11kg 265g


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