Shimano 23 Sedona FJ Spin Reel

Size: 1000
Sale price$149.00


The Shimano 23 Sedona FJ Spin Reel is equipped with Silent Drive technology, an advanced feature that ensures smooth and wobble-free operation. Additionally, its Hagane Gear provides unwavering strength and durability. Enjoy smooth performance and lasting quality with the Shimano 23 Sedona FJ Spin Reel.



  • Hagane reel design concept
  • Hagane Gear
  • Silent Drive
  • G Free Body
  • AR-C Spool



Model Gear Ratio Drag Weight PE Line  Bearings
SE1000FJ 5 3kg 215g 1/190m 3/1
SE2500FJ 5 9kg 240g 1.5/220m 3/1
SEC3000HGFJ 6.2 9kg 245g 2/200m 3/1
SE4000XGFJ 6.2 11kg 290g 2/240m 3/1
SEC5000XGFJ 6.2 11kg 310g 3/200m 3/1


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