Shimano Sedona FI Spin Reel

Size: 6000
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Shimano Sedona FI Spin Reel

The iconic Shimano Sedona has stepped up a gear for 2017 with the new FI series. In the pursuit of engineering excellence, Shimano has again raised the standard with the incorporation of the Hagane cold forged gear. With 6 models in the series ranging from 1000 up to 5000 sizes, all feature 3+1 bearings and the drag output varies between 3kgs and 11kgs depending on the model. The Sedona FI represents exceptional value at a price point that is accessible to all anglers.


  • AR-C Spool
  • Duna Balance
  • G Free Body
  • Hagane Gear
  • Varispeed II


Model Gear Ratio Bearings Drag Mono kg/m Braid lbs/yds Weight
SE1000FI 5.0:1 3+1 3kg 2/128 15/58 215g
SEC2000HGSFI 6.2:1 3+1 4kg 4/100 4/105 245g
SE2500FI 6.2:1 3+1 4kg 4/128 15/145 245g
SEC3000HGFI 6.2:1 3+1 9kg 5/183 20/140 250g
SE4000XGFI 6.2:1 3+1 11kg 6/150 20/205 295g
SEC5000XGFI 6.2:1 3+1 11kg 8/120 30/200 300g
SE6000FI  4.6:1  3+1  10kg  8/150  50/195  425g
SE8000FI  4.9:1  3+1  11kg  9/170  50/265  615g

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