Shimano Sephia Flash Clinch Boost

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Size: 3.0
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Shimano Sephia Flash Clinch Boost

New release from Shimano featuring their new Flash Boost Technology. The Sephia Flash Boost Egi range has an internal panel that shimmers continuously which uses a reflective mirror suspended by micro springs, harnessing the light and UV rays to attract squid throughout the water column. The continuous movement of the mirror within the body is produced by kinetic energy which is highly effective to these visual hunters when the jig is paused, as this is when the squid is most likely to strike.



  • Patented Flash Boost Integrated Body
  • Japanese Designed 



Size Weight Depth
3.0 15 grams 3-3.5 sec per metre
3.5 19 grams 3.7 sec per metre


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