Shimano TLD Overhead Reel

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Size: TLD20
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Shimano TLD Overhead Reel

Shimano TLD reels are arguably the most versatile lever drag overhead reels around. Great for light to medium tackle game fishing, they also make pretty good casting reels. Place a thumb on the spool, flip the lever back to the ‘free’ position and fire away. Perfect for use out of a boat, off the rocks, or anywhere that big, fast fish live, they are simply brilliant on small marlin and sails, mackerel, wahoo, yellowtail kingfish, yellowfin and tuna.


  • Graphite Frame
  • Graphite Side Plates
  • Aluminum Spool
  • Rod Clamp
  • Barrel Handle Grip
  • Counter Balanced Handle (TLD 15 only)


Product Code Mono Cap. (kg/m) Capacity Power Pro Gear Ratio Retrieve Per Crank cm Bearings Drag Power Drag Type Weight
TLD15 9/411 50/639 4.0:1 76 4 10 LD 527
TLD20 9/640 50/750 3.6:1 81 4 10 LD 670
TLD25 14/548 65/930 3.6:1 81 4 10 LD 695

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