Shimano Zodias Rod

Size: 20ZOD268L
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Shimano Zodias Rod

The Shimano Zodias Rod has undergone a significant upgrade and now features Shimano’s exclusive Carbon Monocoque Butt which is made of a hollow carbon construction, eliminating the use of EVA from the rear grip. This results in a  lightweight construction that is extremely sensitive and improves vibration transmission through the rod blank to your hand when working a lure. To provide the exact balance between power and finesse, the 2020 Zodias continues to feature Shimano’s Hi-Power X graphite blank and Ci4+ Reel Seat and upgraded Fuji Stainless Alconite K guides with a SiC tip. With 12 models in the range that have been engineered with specifically tuned actions for a range of lure fishing styles. 



  • High Power X Graphite
  • CI4+ Real Seat
  • Carbon Monocoque Rod Butt
  • Fuki K Alconite Guides



Model Length Pieces Line Rating Lure Weight
20ZOD166ML 1.98 / 6'6" 1 7-14lb 5-15g
20ZOD264L 1.93 / 6'4" 1 3-6lb 3-10g
20ZOD268L 2.03 / 6'8" 1 3-6lb 3-10g
20ZOD268ML 2.03 / 6'8" 1 4-8lb 3-12g
20ZOD175HA 2.26 / 7'5" 2 12-25lb 12-42g
20ZOD1510M2 1.78 / 5'10" 2 10-20lb 7-28g
20ZOD270UL 2.13 / 7'0" 1 2-5lb 2-7g
20ZOD270L 2.13 / 7'0" 2 3-6lb 3-10g
20ZOD270ML 2.13 / 7'0" 2 4-8lb 4-12g
20ZOD270M 2.13 / 7'0" 2 5-10lb 5-15g
20ZOD270MH 2.13 / 7'0" 2 6-12lb 7-21g
20ZOD270H 2.13 / 7'0" 2 7-14lb 10-30g

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