Vexed Dhu Bomb

Size: 150g
Sale price$23.99


Vexed Dhu Bomb

The Dhu Bomb has been designed to sink soft plastics to the sea floor where demersal species dwell. The Dhu Bomb descent system allows a pivot point between the head and hook unit which gives the plastic tail a lot more action.

The Dhu Bomb has a under the chin assist point to give you the option of attaching a Flashy Assist Hook to the under side of the jig head. This will give the jig a whole lot more presence and will also hook smaller mouthed species such as Snapper and Balchin Groper.

Sizes 40, 60 and 80 grams come in a pack of 2. Sizes 110 grams and up are one unit per pack. 



  • Super High Intensity Glow
  • Super High Intensity UV
  • Under Chin Assist Hook Point
  • Stainless Super Point Forged Hook
  • Stainless Forged 4X Strong Split Ring

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