Vexed Triple Occy Bait Assist

Size: 3/0
Sale price$15.99


Vexed Triple Occy Bait Assist

The Vexed Triple Occy Bait Assist is a hook replacement for the Vexed Bottom Meat Hybrid Jig. The super stretchy Vexed Occy Head Skirt is fitted onto the triple assist hooks. It has been developed using the latest stretch flex plastic technology making it the toughest, stretchiest and most durable plastic on the market.


Available in the following sizes:

  • Size 3/0 Hook - 4 Inch Skirt
  • Size 4/0 Hook - 5 Inch Skirt
  • Size 5/0 Hook - 6 Inch Skirt
  • Size 7/0 Hook - 8 Inch Skirt
  • Size 9/0 Hook - 8 Inch Skirt


Available in the following colours:

  • Pink Glow UV
  • White Glow UV
  • Full Glow UV

One bait assist hook per pack.


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