Yamashita EGI OH Live Search Squid Jig

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Size: 3.0
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Yamashita EGI OH Live Search Squid Jig


  • 600Hz rattle - tunned in to 600hz rattle inside the  is the best frequency for squid to hear.
  • 490 Glow - 490nm is the best wavelength of visible light for the squids eye to detect.
  • Warm Jacket - this patented Thermo storage cloth transfers light into heat.
  • The slim nose design  -  Yamashita have a patent on the slim nose design on the LIVE jigs. This slim nose helps impart a sharp darting action (more action with less effort from the angler)
  • Tin Sinker - The tin skiner LIVE will jump higher with each rod action compared to the lead sinker LIVE, this gives the angler more action over a shorter distance. The side to side darting action is the same.



  • Size 3.0
  • Weight: 15.5 grams
  • Sink Speed 3.3 seconds per metre


  • Size 3.5
  • Weight: 21.5 grams
  • Sink Speed 2.8 seconds per metre

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