Yamashita EGI OH Neon Bright Live Squid Jig

Size: 3.5
Sale price$23.00


Yamashita EGI OH Neon Bright Live Squid Jig

Neon Bright is an exclusive new UV reaction technology from Yamashita which reacts UV Blue, UV Red or UV Green. Introducing the Yamashita EGI OH Neon Bright Live Squid Jig with a great selection of UV colours.

  • UV Blue - Ideal for clear water, deep water and strong UV ray days, it has a stronger reaction that the traditional Keimura colour.
  • UV Red - Ideal for prime time conditions, around sunset and sunrise or when the sky has a red filter effect.
  • UV Green - Ideal for dirty water or weedy (dark) areas it will help call in squid from far away


  • Size 3.5
  • Weight: 20 grams
  • Sink Rate: 3.0 sec per metre

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