Zman 7 Inch Jerk ShadZ

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The Zman 7 Inch Jerk ShadZ slots in nicely between the 5 inch version and the 8 inch StreakZ XL, to offer offshore anglers a comprehensive selection of jerk baits for targeting everything from snapper and other reef species, to kingfish, tuna and mackerel.

The jerk bait profile has long proven effective, but ZMan is not just another soft plastic jerk bait. The ElaZtech construction means that the ZMan Scented Jerk ShadZ is 10 times tougher than standard soft plastics, so it stands up better to pickers and toothy critters, meaning more fish per lure! Although it is tough, the ElaZtech still remains super-soft and flexible so that you get maximum action from the tail with minimal movement. ElaZtech won’t dry out in the packet or if left rigged on your rod and the 7 Inch Jerk ShadZ is scented with 100% natural scent, derived from real bait fish to attract fish and trigger strikes. 


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  • TT Lures HeadlockZ HD - Size 7/0 and 8/0

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