Platypus Pretest 300m Mono Line

Platypus Pretest 300m Mono Line

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Platypus Pretest 300m

If you are chasing sport and game fishing records then Platypus Pretest is the line to use. Proving itself with over 500 IGFA and ANSA records, Platypus Pretest offers the confidence that no other line in the world has the guts to do, the highest test is written on the spool. Every 1000 metres of Pretest is tested three times with the highest test written on the spool.

Pretest now uses raw materials with excellent recovery. This allows an engineered stretch which acts as a shock absorber for those longs battles with trophy fish. Platypus uses its exclusive hard annealing process to provide excellent abrasion resistance and reliable quality. Pretest uses advanced UV and heat stabilisers which offer unrivalled protection



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