Zman 2.5 Inch TRD CrawZ


Zman 2.5 Inch TRD CrawZ

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Zman 2.5 Inch TRD CrawZ

When you combine the realism of the TRD CrawZ with the buoyant ElaZtech material you create a dynamite, 10X Tough ‘claws up’ presentation that imitates a marron or yabbie.  Realistic features include the look of a tucked under tail and a flat belly for a natural, gliding descent, along with 3D eyes, segmented thorax and life-like legs and antennae. Bulbous, buoyant claws provide additional movement and float away from the body when at rest, creating a natural defensive pose that fish can’t resist. Ideally suited to target bream, trout and redfin and suited for a size 2, 1 or 1/0 jighead.

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Weight .02 kg
Dimensions 18 × 12 × 1 cm


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