Daiwa Saltiga X Rod

Daiwa Saltiga X Rod

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Daiwa Saltiga X Rods

Innovation combines with proven performance to deliver anglers the new Saltiga X. Integrating of Daiwa’s latest technologies, the X series is designed to perform at the highest standard. Stealthy in looks, and refined, yet robust in design and performance the X range is true to its famous name delivering all the qualities that we’ve grown to love and expect from Saltiga.

A great rod series starts with great blank design and combines many of Daiwa’s latest design and blank technologies. HVF carbon is where it all begins, with Daiwa’s low resin, high strength, reduced weight, high density carbon creating a rod that is lightweight, yet powerful and capable of punching well above its weight.

X45 wrapping technology features with in the series and involves a 45-degree carbon weave within the blank wrapping process to eliminate blank twist and increase power. The elimination of twist improves rod sensitivity, increases strength and allows the blank to perform at its optimum capability.

3DX further enhances blank performance and involves a three-dimensional carbon weave at the lower section of the rod. By knitting densely packed carbon fibres in 3 directions to create a six wrap rectangular weave, the power is distributed evenly in all directions, allowing the blank to maintain its form when loaded.

This new support system allows the rod’s power to be located at the lower section of the rod for more power and less angler fatigue. This leaves the upper section of the blank to absorb all the weight during a battle with a large fish rather than the angler.

V Joint technology takes the performance and strength of two-piece rods to another level, with the Bias construction allowing the rod ferrule to flex with the rod to eliminate week spots, and ensure that multi-piece blanks match the performance of one-piece blanks in flex, power and responsiveness.

Saltiga X – Advanced designs, latest technology and strength, and ruggedness to burn.



  • HVF Carbon
  • 3DX blank technology
  • X45 black technology
  • V-Joint
  • Fuji SIC  guides
  • Custom alloy reel seats with locking rings
  • Ultra tough EVA grips



Model Type Sections Length Action Taper Cast Weight Rec. Line
56S-5/6 Spin 1 167cm Heavy Regular 150-300g PE 5/6
56S-6/8 Spin 1 167cm Extra Heavy Regular 200-400g PE 6/8
56B-6/8 Overhead 1 167cm Extra Heavy Regular 200-400g PE 6/8
60B-3/4 Overhead 1 183cm Medium Heavy Regular 90-210g PE 3/4
62S-2/3 Spin 1 188cm Medium Light Regular 30-120g PE 2/3
60S-3/4 Spin 1 183cm Medium Heavy Regular 60-150g PE 3/4
64CJS-2/4 Spin 2 193cm Medium Light Regular 90-230g PE 2/4
702S Spin 2 213cm Medium Light Fast 15-45g 4-9kg
702S-2 Spin 2 213cm Medium Light Regular 60-120g PE 2
762S-2/4 Spin 2 228cm Medium Light Regular 20-90g PE 2/4
792S-4/5 Spin 2 236cm Heavy Fast 30-120g PE 4/5
802S-8/10 Spin 2 244cm Extra Heavy Regular 150-300g PE Max 10